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Your chance to get our Superior Fresh Fish on sale!

Posted on Feb 26, 2021 by Jack McCann

Superior Fresh raises our amazing organic-fed fish. They are upgrading their farm and are rolling out a new packaging and product mix. Now's your chance to order salmon and trout at a discount to make way for the new items!

If you haven't, please read our article about the research we did and why well-raised farmed fish is better than wild-caught.

The short version: well-raised fish are better for the environment, healthier and safer. Most regular farmed fish is just, well, you should avoid it. (Read the article if truly you want to know why.)

We're looking forward to offering salmon burgers, smoked salmon and updated packaging for the fresh fish.

For now, enjoy a sweet deal: about a 15% savings on the trout and 10% on the salmon.


2.3 lbs avg

Box 602

The cleanest fish available

Two Half salmon fillets 

This is a full salmon fillet, cut in half and packaged so you can thaw just one half at a time.

These are raised by Superior Fresh in Wisconsin. They only use organic or sustainably wild-caught feed. Their closed-system raises fantastic greens to purify the water.

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary - target minimum weight is 2 pounds.

Read here about why after years of being a 'wild only' family, we decided well-raised farmed fish could be better than wild-caught.

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Here are some of our favorite fish recipes and a link to the article explaining why we were so excited to offer this fish!

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