New for November: Pet Treats and Ginger

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Posted on Oct 30, 2020 by Jack McCann
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We're always on the lookout for great things to offer our members. For November, besides all the great turkey offerings we have, TC Farm is also offering pet treats and ginger!

Pet Treats

TC Farm tries to find something great to share with all members of your family!

Beginning this month, we are offering Wild Nourish pet treats, made with 100% TC Farm chicken.

Seasonal Bonus: We have a limited number of dried/cooked turkey necks available too!

Wild Nourish all-natural pet treats are handcrafted in small batches. Hand trimmed and sliced, air-dried chicken breast strips made in Waconia. A lean and protein-rich treat for all pets. From TC Farm chicken, so you know it was truly pasture raised. Made with a single ingredient - no antibiotics, hormones or additives.

Chicken: 4 oz Pack of TC Farm Chicken Breast Strips

Turkey: 2 Turkey necks, around 6-7 oz pack

Storage Guideline: Wild Nourish products contain no preservatives. To maintain freshness, store in a cool dry place for up to 60 days, or freeze for up to 6 months.

Three ways to feed:

  1. Directly from the package or cut into bits with kitchen shears.
  2. Frozen for a heartier texture.
  3. Rehydrated with warm water to soften and enhance flavor.


Last month a member emailed telling us how they once bought fresh MN grown baby ginger and loved it so much, but it was hard to find. They asked if we could find a local farm we trusted to provide it to our members. We love hearing from our members like that!

Thankfully Josh, our newest team member, had a friend who had some for us to share!

Things we learned about baby ginger:

  1. YES we can grow ginger here in MN (amazing!)
  2. Since it is younger and grown just for the summer, the skin on the root is super thin and doesn't need to be peeled - just chop and enjoy (convenient!)
  3. It freezes super well - just keep this in your freezer and break off what you need. We found slicing thin is much easier when it is frozen too!
  4. The flavor is milder than imported ginger
  5. This is super good to make tea with - we enjoy slicing off a few pieces and tossing into a hot mug of water. Reuse 2-3 times before it is spent.

Each package should be between .75 - 1lbs - or a lot of ginger.

Check out this month's featured recipe that really shows off the fresh baby ginger and our salmon.

Here are some other great recipes that use ginger (click images to view)

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