Pork Roasts: Delicious and Handy

A little prep work = a week's worth of meals!

Posted on Sep 24, 2020 by Jack McCann

Why TC Farm Pork Roasts are Different

We get more comments about how amazing our pork tastes than any of our other items. New members are often surprised what pork was meant to taste like -- maybe that's because the grocery pork is just so darn tough and dry?

Why the difference? There are few key reasons our pork has richer flavor and better texture:

  • No soy feed + being raised out on actual green pasture provides for a much more balanced diet and different types of (tastier) fat than factory pork
  • Heritage breeds are less 'efficient' (they take longer to raise) but they were bred for flavor and health - you can totally tell when you taste it.
  • No growth drugs - almost all grocery pork has some sort of growth enhancing drug which dilutes the flavor (and can't be beneficial for us either)

Another big bonus? Besides being tastier, our pork has more nutrients because it is raised on green pasture with plenty of that vitamin D creating sunshine raining down.

A little advance planning = A week's worth of meals

Having a couple of pork roasts in the freezer has been super helpful for us with everything going on. If someone had said at the start of the year we'd be home all the time, I'd have said "Imagine all that extra time!" It hasn't exactly worked out that way, has it? Who has time to cook a meal every day?

Our pork roasts really come in handy here. We simply have to plan ahead and cook large meals on the weekend to help us get through the week.

Last week, we took out a couple of pork roasts and slow cooked them in the crockpot - simply added water and some salt. At the end of the day, we shredded it and kept in the fridge for the week. It was SO nice to have quick meals handy - we could add taco seasoning to have carnitas or just crisp up in butter and put in top of rice or those roasted potatoes (see video). Everyone got to choose their own sauce (BBQ, plain, soy/sesame, etc) and veggies so there was NO complaining about dinner!

If you are a new member (or even have been with us for years) and are thinking about what sorts of staples to stock the freezer with, don't forget the pork roasts!

Some of our favorite pork roast recipes

Below you will find a couple of our favorite recipes for pork roast. The pineapple pulled pork and the pulled pork with avocado and paprika rice recipes specifically call for the pork roast. But the instant carnitas work well with either pork you pull out of the crock pot OR any of our pre-cooked items too.

You can watch the videos and then click on the links below each video to go to the recipe with tips. Enjoy!!

Don't forget the sides!

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