Our biggest delivery ever

Just a few more boxes to get ready than normal...

Posted on Apr 21, 2020 by Jack McCann
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We understand everyone is cooking more at home and we're doing what we can to be a part of it. Adding new options like fish and organic greens. Adding optional home deliveries. Making sure we stay in touch with our warehouse and local family owned meat processor to keep everything moving smoothly.

Each month, we deliver to over 70 different pickup spots around the Twin Cities. That takes 3 or 4 refrigerated trucks over two different days to do it all. We normally deliver around 1200-1300 boxes or so.

This month, we managed to get nearly 2400 boxes moved at the warehouse -- labeled, stacked into pallets, put onto trucks and delivered to neighborhoods. We had to add an extra day for some home deliveries so we didn't overload the trucks and there were a lot of sore backs at the end of the day. But also a lot of smiles. (Smiles you couldn't see under the face masks -- but they were there!)

We put together a short video of what a month's worth of deliveries looks like. If you've ever wondered why we have to cut things off on the last day of the month and what happens between then and delivery day, here is a peek into our warehouse work earlier this month!

We'll keep burning the midnight oil to keep getting food raised right, food that you can trust, delivered to you each month!

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