Special Home Delivery - April 2nd

Offering meats, bread and eggs, delivered straight to your door. Order by Sunday.

Posted on Mar 27, 2020 by Andrew Koss
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There were so many people who signed up for first ever run of home deliveries this past week that we decided to do it again this Thursday (April 2nd).

We've stopped taking orders for this delivery but you still have time to sign up for one of our regular monthly neighborhood deliveries next week on Wednesday and Thursday.

The kids are at home.
None of us are going out to eat.

A lot has changed really quickly.
Maybe that means you don't have quite as much in your freezer as you expected at this point.

We get it and we really want to help.

There's been a lot of people asking about our food this week. We had never done a home delivery across the Twin Cities like this until this past week but we wanted to get food to people as quickly as we could. We rolled up our sleeves and did what we didn't think we could do: we ended up with just over 100 different families getting food(!!) And we're ready for more!

While we still have our regular member deliveries on April 8th and 9th, we've worked something out with the folks doing our normal deliveries to do another home delivery this next week, April 2nd.

This is open to anyone, members or non-members. If you know someone who might be interested in this, let them know.

We are offering a limited selection of items and can't do any substitutions. (Super sorry about that!!) (And yes, that means no eggs this delivery! We have eggs - we just can't arrange getting them to our trucks in time for another home delivery but if you're a member don't worry: we'll be delivering all of our members' eggs with our regular deliveries the following week.)

A very limited delivery. Think: a few boxes of staples you can choose from to help get you over the hump. Plus heritage bread and eggs.

Next Thursday, April 2nd.

When to Order:
You needed to complete your order by Sunday night.

Direct to your home.
You really need to be there to pick up the items (or have a cooler out front where we can put the meat -- remember it's frozen.) You need to be in the Twin Cities area. And in Minnesota. If you are outstate or more than about 30 miles from either downtown, we won't be able to make it to your home this time.

Could I also add...
TC Farm is all about being flexible and will still have our full member deliveries on April 8th-9th with all of our products ( mushrooms, chicken, steaks, ready to eat meals and everything else we offer) -- but to get this special delivery to work on such short notice, we had to limit the selection. We won't be able to substitute or add anything.

Delivery Charge?
Yup. We are covering our costs to arrange special routes and product releases. This is only the second time we've ever done a home delivery like this before. We absolutely encourage anyone for whom this would be hardship to wait until our normal member deliveries April 8th and 9th where there will be our normal deliveries without any delivery charge.

A quick message to our members:
Whatever you order will be outside of our normal system and made as a one-time charge. We can’t apply credits from your account or use your payment method on file. This won't affect your April delivery. You can read more about it in the member portal. The most important thing for us here was to be able to get extra food out to people who were asking. Thanks for understanding. For real.

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