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Smokey Eggplant Baba Ganoush

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: recipes, vegitarian, 04-05-2022

Why make baba ganoush when you could make hummus? Here is a recipe that just might become your favorite appetizer

Pan-fried Sunchokes

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: vegetarian, sides, RECIPES, 04-05-2022

This simple recipe lets the unique flavor and texture of sunchokes shine!


Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: sides, recipes, bones, newsletter, 04-05-2022

Risotto is really simple to make, but it is outstanding when done right. The trick is having patience as well as good rice and broth. It can be a stand alone meal or a side dish. I love taking the time to caramelize the onions this recipe calls for...

Chorizo, potato and peppers

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: recipes, brats, chorizo, sausages, 04-05-2022, 04-12-2022

Our chorizo isn't dried like a traditional sausage, so it is a bit more versatile. Here is a simple dish that works for breakfast or dinner.