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It is finally here - TC Farm stock

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: newsletter

Here are some tips for thawing and using our TC Farm broth. Also some interesting facts that I was shocked to learn about the 'boxed' broth in the stores...

TC Farm Thanksgiving 2023

Posted by Annie Rowland

Orders placed now will arrive after Thanksgiving. If you want to receive food before Thanksgiving, please reach out to us to see if we can accommodate. Choose from pasture raised turkey, pre-made sides, delicious pies, organic veggies and more!

TC Farm Turkey is Now Available to Reserve!

Posted by Annie Rowland

Serve the best this Thanksgiving with TC Farm turkey! TC Farm members can choose from whole classic white turkeys (small, medium or large), heritage Bourbon Red turkeys or turkey parts! We may run out of turkeys before Thanksgiving arrives, so make sure to reserve your turkey ahead of time!

Local, Organic Pumpkins & Gourds!

Posted by Annie Rowland

Pumpkins and gourds are here for the fall season! Choose from pie pumpkins, carving pumpkins, decorative gourds or mini white pumpkins, all organic and locally grown! Whether you plan to make pumpkin recipes from scratch, decorate your home for the fall season or are looking forward to carving up a terrifying jack-o-lantern, we've got you covered!

Apples! Crisp, Sweet & Now Available to Order

Posted by Annie Rowland

The air is cooler, the leaves are turning and apple season is upon us! We've got 3 varieties of delicious organic apples available to order now! Choose from local 1sts/Table Apples (these are the prettiest apples with minimum blemishes), local "2nds/Pie Apples" (perfect for recipes where some bruises & markings don't matter), and we also offer organic apples that are available year round! From easy snacking to pies and crisps or tarts & applesauce our fresh organic apples are great to have on hand as we head into fall!

Soup Season is Here! We've Got 4 New Soups to Enjoy!

Posted by Annie Rowland

Cozy up to a comforting bowl of locally made soup! Soup season has arrived and we've got 4 new soups for our members to enjoy! These are great to have on hand for easy, nourishing fall meals that are ready in a snap. Choose from Creamy Chipotle Potato, Curried Apple Butternut, Roasted Cauliflower Turmeric or Fall Harvest soups! You won't regret having these delicious soups on hand as we head into a chillier season!

Local Baby Ginger is Back!

Posted by Annie Rowland

Local, organic Baby Ginger has arrived! Store it in your freezer to have fresh delicious ginger all year round! Compared to tough, mature ginger that you commonly see in stores, baby ginger is tender (no need to peel!) and has even more health benefits than mature ginger! Store it in your freezer so you can easily add to stir fries, curries, marinades, tea or any recipe that calls for fresh ginger!

Forest Hog Is Back! Rare Breed, Amazing Flavor

Posted by Annie Rowland

Don't miss out on one of our most premium items! Forest hogs are a rare heritage breed that require daily hand feeding and take twice as long to mature. Our farmer Kerry is passionate for raising unique breeds that are not bred for the commodity farming lifestyle, and these hogs are in great hands as they rotationally graze through Kerry's pasture and wooded lots near Montrose, MN! The amazing flavor & marbling of our forest hogs is well worth the extra time and effort it takes to raise them!

3-Cheese Heirloom Tomato Tart Recipe

Posted by Annie Rowland | Tags: tomatoes, appetizer, vegetarian, recipes

Beautiful heirloom tomatoes, a rich 3-cheese filling and a buttery crust. This tart is the perfect way to take advantage of ripe summer tomatoes! Serve as an impressive appetizer or pair with a salad for a perfect summer meal.

Cherry Tomato Confit

Posted by Annie Rowland | Tags: tomatoes, recipes

Cherry tomatoes and garlic star in this super simple recipe! Roast cherry tomatoes with olive oil & garlic and you have a perfect, versatile ingredient for a variety of meals! Serve with burrata cheese & crusty bread as an appetizer, or stir in with pasta as a delicious alternative to marinara sauce, or serve alongside your favorite TC Farm meats. This confit freezes great and is a great way to enjoy fresh summer tomato flavor year-round.

Build Your Own Tomato Toast

Posted by Annie Rowland | Tags: tomatoes, recipes, vegetarian

If you've got a tomato, bread, some condiments and some seasonings or herbs, you've got what it takes to make tomato toast! Fully customizable and a great way to enjoy tomatoes when they are at their peak freshness! We've got some ideas for you to try or come up with a creation of your own!

The Benefits of Rotational Grazing

Posted by Annie Rowland

Did you know that rotational grazing sequesters carbon, saves water, prevents pollution, AND creates a natural habitat for native plants & animals? The meat we raise is making a positive impact in so many ways! Learn more about the benefits of rotational grazing and how our sustainable farming methods strengthen the environment.

Organic Kombucha Now Available - 5 Delicious Flavors!

Posted by Annie Rowland

TC Farm is now delivering 5 delicious flavors of organic kombucha! We'll be making our own kombucha later this year, but in the meantime we're having our members help out with a little taste-testing using another great organic kombucha brand. Flavored with real fruit juice, these kombuchas are refreshing, delicious and not too sweet.

Local Produce Season is in Full Swing!

Posted by Annie Rowland

Our farms are in high gear and we're excited to show off our amazing local, organic produce! From heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn on the cob, to cucumbers, berries, zucchini, cabbage, onion, kale and more, we've got plenty of produce ready to deliver to our members each week!

Fresh, Locally-Roasted Organic Coffee Now In Stock!

Posted by Annie Rowland

TC Farm is now delivering fresh, locally roasted, organic coffee! Choose from two Costa Rican coffees (dark or medium roast), a Brazil medium roast or a decaf medium roast from Colombia! Roasted and delivered fresh to our members each week! Get out your favorite mug and enjoy a sip of our delicious new coffee!