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On a schedule that fits you best!

Posted on Feb 15, 2023 by Jack McCann

TC Farm: Year Round Produce

One of the great things about our produce program is that it is year round. We focus on the highest quality produce and deliver it right to our members' doors.

Our members get to pick and choose from the kinds of produce boxes that work best for them. Since not every household enjoys exactly the same food at the same time as everyone else, some might want to get our seasonal box every week and our fruit box every other week. Or maybe you want the staples box every other week and the low carb box once a month.

Our members get to pick and choose from the kinds of produce boxes that work best for them.

We make it easy to set up a schedule that fits you best. There is no year-long commitment or penalty for going on vacation. Members can skip any delivery, any week. (We always let our members know what is coming the next week in our produce blog.)

There's no minimum or "right" amount to get. But knowing in advance how much our members need allows us to work with our farmers to plan out what is being raised, seasons ahead.

Four Different Produce Boxes Each Week

Why it Matters

Why Is it a Big Deal? So Flexible!

Something very unique about TC Farm's produce program is that you don't need to commit to an entire season. Most CSA's require you to sign up for a whole season and can only skip a limited number of deliveries.

Our produce program is so much more flexible. We ask our members how often they want to get produce deliveries (and what type) - but then we also let our members know what is coming in each box the following week and you can choose to skip that delivery if it doesn't fit you. (Or add additional produce, too!)

If you want to see what's in each coming week's produce packages, just check the Produce Blog -- we update what going to be in the coming week's deliveries every Thursday.

Dive Right In: Become a Member!

TC Farm produce is super flexible. It doesn't matter whether you get it weekly, every other week or once a month.

It doesn't even matter if you have to skip a few weeks. Or a few months!

We are so much more than produce. Pasture raised meats, grass-fed organic milk, pasture-raised eggs, heritage breeds and so much more! Join today and get half off your 2023 membership!

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