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Ham Potato and Broccoli Quiche

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: recipes, eggs, sausages, ham, video, newsletter, 06-14-2022

This is a fairly quick and easy meal that works great for breakfast through dinner. A real crowd pleaser, plan on feeding four with this recipe.

Our Breads Are Amazing

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: newsletter, WaitlistSpecial

TC Farm is all about delivering the best food in the state - many are foods that you literally can't find in a grocery store, like our heritage wheat bread from Backwards Bread Co. It is so special, you need to try some for yourself.

What does Pasture Raised Really Mean?

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: newsletter

Pasture Raised. Grass Fed. Natural. Rotationally Grazed. There are so many different words out there for how food is raised. Some of the labels are even used to confuse you on purpose. Here, we'll take a little time to talk about some of the different labels and what the difference between them is. And why we raise our food the way we do.

A great report for learning more about grass-fed beef

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: Newsletter

Did you know that grass-fed beef is too often raised on a feedlot? Or that any imported beef which passes through a USDA-inspected plant can be labeled as a “Product of the USA.”? These are just a couple of the highlights from this grass-fed beef report which we will be writing about over the next couple of weeks.

Recipes - Week of February 8th

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: MealPlans

Our last in our four-week meal plan to kick off 2020 - hope you enjoy these recipe ideas!