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Challenge Yourself in 2020

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: Newsletter

Take care of yourself better in 2020 - we've got some food, paired with healthy meal plans and we've even partnered with FIT Studio to come up with some great ways to a better you in 2020

Eggnog for the New Year

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: dessert, recipes, eggs, newsletter

If you're going to splurge and have eggnog, you really ought to make it yourself. It is quite easy and delicious! The New Year is a perfect time to serve this up for some guests!

Seared Brat Soup

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: Newsletter, Soup, brats

Here is a fast and easy soup that you're sure to love

FIT UNchallenge 2020

Posted by Jack McCann

TC Farm is partnering with FIT studios to create a sustainable start to 2020 and healthy change. FIT has been a leader in personalized physical and nutrition training over the last two decades. We've collaborated to make a four-week meal plan and kit using the very best ingredients. FIT also provides optional access to their nutrition coaching application and/or a physical gym membership with personalized training. All three can be purchased together or individually and are customizable to meet YOU at your own current level and time commitment.

Remembering Chuck

Posted by Elizabeth O'Sullivan | Tags: newsletter, Elizabeth O'Sullivan

An essay written by Elizabeth O'Sullivan about a great man who taught us about the land. And about ourselves

Getting Ready for Delivery

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: Member News, newsletter

It takes a lot of busy hands to get things ready before the food gets to you. Here is about four hours of an 11 hour day we spent at the warehouse getting everyone's November food ready to be brought to your neighborhood.