Green Beans a la Shawn

Active time: 10 minutes • Total time: 15 minutes

Posted on Apr 16, 2017 by Jack McCann
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Super simple. Delicious. Healthy.


  • Green Beans
  • TC Farm Bacon


  1. cut/clean green beans if needed. I like to cut them into half or thirds
  2. Slice bacon into strips, larger and thicker if you want more fat in the end bacon or thinner if you want something crispier.
  3. Place bacon strips into a heavy pan over fairly high heat, after a bit of fat has been released, add the beans
  4. Cook until both are at the desired doneness.

Why is TC Farm bacon SO good?

Here are the key reasons our bacon is so different:

  1. Better pork. Specifically pasture raised, heritage breeds fed a no-soy diet. This makes a huge difference in the flavor and quality of the meat.
  2. Long smoke. We smoke our bacon a LOT longer than normal, 16 hours or so. This adds a lot of flavor, but also results in more loss during the smoking process (that's the primary reason our bacon costs more)
  3. Organic. Ok - organic spices and no synthetic nitrates don't make it taste better, but you'll feel better knowing it is healthier for you and better for the environment.

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